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What Do I Need To Do Before My House Is Photographed?

Listing your house takes a lot of preparation and work. If you want to have plenty of potential buyers clicking on your listing, you must give them the best photographs of your home. 

The first thing that your buyer notices are the photos you post. Whether you like it or not, your photos make the first impression of how good or bad your house appears to be.

That is why it is vital to hire professional photographers who can produce high-quality photos for you. As you invest in your photos, it gives you a better opportunity to have more people looking inside and outside your home and making a deal with you as soon as possible.

But, before taking these high-quality photos, you need to prepare your home for its photoshoot. This is a serious task that you as a seller need to consider so that you can have attractive and worth-seeing pictures. All this is to have images of a home that many people might consider as their next home.

Today, this article will give you tips on preparing your home before getting it photographed for your listing.

Steps For Preparing Your Home For Listing Photos

Making a lot of preparations inside and outside your home for the photoshoot takes effort and can be tiring. You have to make your house looks its best in the photos taken, and thinking about it now may seem stressful. Below are some steps that you could use to prepare your home:

Clean The Interior Parts Of Your House And Get Rid Of The Unnecessary.

You should start with your kitchen.

The kitchen is usually the most important feature you want to show as you sell your property. Start by cleaning the surface areas, sinks, and appliances. Get rid of what’s on top of your kitchen counter and have a few decorations. It gives your buyers the idea of what they can put on top of it, like coffee makers, vases, and other ornaments. 

Next, move on to your living room.

If you have paper materials (magazines, mail, and books), it is better to put them on a shelf or organize them in one corner of your living room to look neat. Also, if there are unnecessary decorations and furniture, it is more appealing to the eye if your living room appears to be spacious.

Sparkle up your bathroom.

Bathrooms are a plus point for buyers if your photograph shows them to be in good condition. Get rid of empty bottles, clean up your shower tiles and bowls, and put in neatly rolled or folded towels to make it look clean and tidy.

Stage your bedroom.

This is another essential part of the house. You need to be able to decorate your beds according to the feeling of your room. Coordinate the look with bedsheets, plump up your pillows, match the blankets, declutter the room of personal things, and clean under your bed, so it appears good in the photos.

Replace your lights and other electrical elements.

This is an item that must be paid extra attention to. You have to check all the lights and check for faulty wiring inside and outside your house. Make sure that they can brighten your room and not be the cause of electrical fires. A good photograph always needs to have better lighting, promote safety, and add to the mood of your photos.

Also, opening your curtains and cleaning your windows is what professional photographers recommend due to the natural light it brings. 

Finish Preparing Your Home Through Its Exterior.

Clean your yard and trim your landscape.

The first-ever picture your buyers will see is the front part of your house. You can not start with the inside first. As they say, “first impressions last.” People observe the front of the house and then see your lawn, yard, and landscaping. So it is vital to make sure your yard is clean and has tidy landscaping. Ensure that it is of good quality to attract people to view your listing.

In addition, try to store tools used for your lawn and trash cans inside your garage or storage rooms. You must remove everything that could cause distraction in your photo.

Never let your car(s) appear in the photos.

First of all, it is not pleasant to see in photos, and you must make your house appear attractive yet calm at the same time. Especially if you consider taking aerial drone shots, it makes buyers feel like your home is safe to live in.

Provide a relaxing entrance. 

This part focuses on your patio, porch(es), and/or deck. Your photos must entice your buyers to scroll through more pictures as they see these parts of your home. You can sweep up the leaves, remove unnecessary items, remove the dust on chairs, or even add flowers and other decorations that can please the eyes of your buyers.


Deciding to prepare your home before photographing it for your listing is vital for a seller. There are a lot of homes on the real estate market, and you need to do everything to make your house stand out. Your buyer will most probably make arrangements to renovate or repair amenities in your house, but it is better to present a home that provides comfort and a place where new and lasting memories are formed.