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How to Create a Perfect Listing Online

Tenants and homebuyers are increasingly beginning their search for their next house online. However, the number of real estate listings online is in the millions.

How can you stand out from the crowd and make your listing stand out?

This article will discuss how to create a perfect online listing to make your listing stand out.

When a house is effectively staged, it should draw attention to its features and appeal so that potential buyers may more easily picture themselves residing there. Both online property images and in-person home tours benefit from staging. According to research from the National Association of REALTORS, more than 90% of house buyers search for a home online, and 85% of those buyers think the images are the most crucial consideration when choosing which properties to view.

Here is some of the most useful advice for professional photography to make your house listing stand out.

Tips to make your listing stand out

Display accurate information

Giving precise details about your listing is undoubtedly important, and your target audience needs to understand whether the listing you are marketing is worthwhile.

Some basic details a buyer is searching for include the number of rooms and sizes, the type of construction, and the design concept or style. In addition to the fundamentals, you should be truthful and mention any updates, such as roof replacements, floor repairs, and other improvements.

Of course, your target customers consider more than simply the property when purchasing. Always include information about the community: the crime rate, potential transportation options, nearby companies, schools, and other amenities.

Consult with a professional

Your hiring of real estate agents will greatly aid the marketing of your listing. Recognize that getting your listing noticed is your priority; thus, hiring agents is something to consider. Additionally, you should engage a professional photographer to take pictures of your home because they draw in more potential buyers.

Just because you have a camera with you doesn’t imply you can take photographs of a high enough caliber to draw customers to your listing among the sea of other listings online. You can assist your clients in viewing the photographs of a home they’ve been waiting to see by using professional photographers specializing in real estate photography. In addition to clicking and shooting, these photographers edit the image to make it appear more visually appealing to the market.

Staging your listing

Staging your listing is one of the best methods to make it stand out. A staged home can show off the potential of the space, as opposed to an empty house that is sterile and uninviting. It makes renting or selling the house easier and raises the property’s perceived worth.

The average price of a staged home is 17% higher than that of a non-staged home, with 95% of staged homes selling in 11 days or less, according to Betsy Wilbur, a home staging specialist who spoke with Forbes. Statistically speaking, non-staged homes sell 87% more quickly.

Staging a property also results in stunning real estate photographs that can increase click-throughs to your listing.

Utilize captivating real estate images

In real estate listings, it turns out that first impressions matter. According to research, 75% of users think that good photography makes a listing stand out.

The Wall Street Journal discovered that 95% of viewers gave the first listing photo—typically the exterior of the home—a total of 20 seconds before their eyes began to stray. Accordingly, you only have 20 seconds to persuade potential tenants and buyers to click through to your advertisement before you lose their interest.

For this reason, it makes sense to invest money in professional photography to present your listing in the best possible way. And that we can provide here in Closing Photography.

Highlight the standout features of your listing

Putting a lot of emphasis on your listing’s top qualities is another method to make it stand out. In addition to making the property more memorable, this can deflect attention from some of its less appealing qualities.

For instance, if your offering has a kitchen that has just been renovated or has lovely natural light, make sure to draw attention to these features in both the listing description and photos. These images should appear earlier in the listing photos to enhance the copy and establish a point of distinction.

Research your keywords

Include keywords that prospective tenants and buyers might use to find your listing to make it stand out in the title and description fields. These could be descriptive keywords that spark the audience’s imagination or feature keywords that draw attention to how close your property is to facilities.

You need to know your target market and neighborhood to choose the right keywords. Who are your prospective tenants and buyers, and what perks and features are they seeking? For instance, a young family may prioritize being close to elementary schools, in contrast to what an older couple may desire.

Utilize a floor layout to stand out aesthetically.

A floor plan, 50% of consumers stated, makes a listing stand out, according to

A floor plan essentially offers a bird’s-eye view of the building. It displays the property’s plan, including the number of rooms, their locations, and the sizes of each room. Prospective tenants and buyers may see how the house flows and imagine how their furnishings would fit in each room thanks to this.

Alternatives include investing in a 3D floor plan, VR walkthrough, or video tour to offer potential buyers an even greater impression of the appearance and feel of the property. It will not only appeal to distant purchasers who are unable to attend a walkthrough in person, but it will also make your listing much more interesting and memorable.

Talk in meaningful ways.

When selling your home online, it’s essential to use all the appropriate strategies. It would be best if you watched out not to oversell it, though, at the same time. Avoid employing jargon and phrases that have nothing to do with your home while describing your property. Instead, use language that accurately highlights the advantages of your house to entice potential purchasers.


To make your listing stand out, you should start by taking excellent photos and including insightful information about your property. However, selling your property online is not a simple process. The first time you accomplish something is challenging, and that’s undoubtedly one of the main causes for the very existence of real estate agents. By handling all the headaches and ensuring that your listing receives the attention it deserves, they can greatly simplify your life.

Closing Photography has you covered if you’re looking for a professional real estate photographer, individual rooms, 3D scanning, or drone photography. Showcase and distinguish your listings to help them close faster. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away to discuss your requirements!

And if you find this article helpful or have any suggestions, feel free to reach us!