Young Asian engineer man working with drone laptop and smartphone at construction site. Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for land and building site survey in civil engineering project.

Hiring a Licensed Drone Pilot Will Save Your Business Thousands

Drones were not really a thing during their earliest years, but from the year 2016 until now, they have managed to burst into the mainstream. 

Why have they become so popular?

Drones have become less expensive and more affordable than they were then. Because of this, individuals, businessmen, and companies started using drones in a number of ways. Drone technology is also creating the opportunity for its users to grow and save money by using it however they want. Drones are more than just for entertainment or military uses. 

Right now, the drone industry is having a hard time hiring drone pilots because they’re in demand for a lot of reasons. This article will help you figure out the basic knowledge of having a drone and having your very own drone pilot. 

What is a Drone?

If you are a person who loves adventures or wants to try a new hobby, or someone who is starting their own business, all these point to using drones. “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs) is the official term for drones. They can take you to places that you’ve seen and places that you want to see. These robots can do almost everything, from rescuing people, to giving you the nicest view in your neighborhood.

At one time, drones were primarily used for the military and other heavy industries, especially those connected to surveillance, mining, and farming. Although now, it’s become more mainstream thanks to DJI’s consumer drones, such as the Mavic Mini SE or their more professional option, the Mavic 3

There are drones that can deliver packages, survey residential and commercial properties, remove debris from power lines, even disaster relief in many countries. 

Benefits of hiring a drone operator

Drones are really practical in many business sectors:

  1. It’s affordable: In the past, you had to charter a helicopter or plane to survey an area. Nowadays, you can find drones for each specialized purpose that aren’t going to cost as much as a chartered helicopter, but still expect to pay for the best quality. 
  1. Monitor remote areas or survey from the sky:  Most drones, especially those designed for business uses, are packed with built-in cameras that can rotate and tilt, allowing someone to capture images and recordings from a number of viewpoints. This is incredibly useful for filmmakers, surveyors, and other professionals since it allows them to have more freedom when flying to get a clear angle.
  1. It makes jobs easier: As mentioned, before you had to charter a helicopter or plane which created time delays and more risk, plus you couldn’t often get a helicopter close to many commercial and residential properties in cities. Now, you have more access to aerial photography and videography. 

Reasons why you need to consider hiring a licensed Drone Pilot

Whatever your reasons are for hiring a licensed drone pilot, it is important to hire those who are qualified. 

Having a licensed drone pilot will assure you that every law and necessary regulation for flying has been followed properly without any incidents along the way. To fly commercially, you must have a part 107 license

If you hire an unlicensed pilot you have a greater risk of being involved in a possible accident and receiving fines. The fine could result in an $11,000 fine per occurrence and if the unlicensed pilot isn’t insured, you could be liable for any accident.

It’s not too late to hire a professional today. Below are some things that you want to consider:

Drone Pilots are trained experts approved by the FAA

Part 107 License for Drone Pilots
Part 107 License

The FAA is an agency that enforces safety to protect the public. The FAA’s purpose is to keep airspace as safe as possible, so all licensed drone pilots have to be aware of different kinds of airspace, permits, and waivers when the task calls for them. A drone pilot will be aware of FAA laws and will follow them to prevent accidents and fines. A licensed drone pilot will know where they may legally fly, how high they can fly the drone, and other situations that are particular to drone flights if they follow any restrictions.

Drone Pilots want the best for their clients

A licensed drone pilot must complete a tough training program in which they are taught current FAA rules. They will have to follow those rules not only to avoid penalties but also to demonstrate to their clients that they know what they’re doing. If your job requires a permit or FAA waiver, a certified pilot will be your only option for getting the photos or video you need.

Aside from that, they also produce excellent photos and videos. How they deliver their products is impressive. You can be confident that they will invest the same amount of attention and effort into creating the finest images possible to represent your business and lifestyle in the way you want it to be represented.

How to Hire a Drone Pilot

The process starts when you know you will need aerial photography or videography. 

First, make sure that they are licensed to operate a drone commercially. Before you employ a drone pilot, make sure you get a copy of their license. If the individual you’re thinking about employing doesn’t have a Part 107 license, you won’t be able to recruit them as an authorized commercial drone pilot.

Second, make sure the operator is insured. Using an operator who follows the regulations and has processes in place to prevent disasters can increase the chances of a safe and successful operation, but no matter how smart or experienced an operator is, something can always go wrong. It is strongly recommended that you choose a drone pilot who has liability insurance to protect you and the operator in the event of an accident. 

Third, ask questions. Whatever is on your mind, ask it. If they’re really knowledgeable about drones and the regulations of flying drones, they will know what to say. Drone pilots are different when it comes to experience. Recording through drones is used in a lot of ways, including film and television videography, construction project supervision, and top-of-the-line surveying with highly equipped drones. Asking someone about their abilities and experience as well as how long they’ve been in operation is a good place to start. That being stated, you will want to make sure you choose the best pilot for the task.

Last but not least, make sure they have a contract. To verify that you are getting your money’s worth, you should have a good idea of the quality of work that the drone operator will provide. After agreeing on how your drone shots should be produced, a firm that is respectable would be able to present a contract that is ready to sign. 

How will your decision in hiring a licensed drone pilot save thousands?

Drones can be used to scan damage, find stranded or injured individuals, and assess ongoing concerns in natural and man-made calamities without compromising the welfare of people. Because of the scope of accidents around the world, it’s not always safe to dispatch humans to initially survey a rescue scenario. This is where drones play a role. A licensed drone pilot can send a drone out over the ocean to help with marine rescue. Because drone pilots must be familiar with aerial charts, they will know enough about an area to help officials figure out the best way to proceed. Whether being trapped due to a snow avalanche or an earthquake, letting drone pilots do their jobs is a good way to assist accident victims. 

In order to maintain the safety of their facilities, certain businesses must conduct regular assessments. Drones are being used to accomplish these tasks. This is especially advantageous since it avoids the risks and time associated with having people in these situations. Regular aerial monitoring can lead to huge changes in public works, resulting in better results and advancements.

Together with these flying objects that have high-quality cameras, drone pilots are able to collect information and drone photographs of disasters in different places.  Without having to spend a lot of money on helicopters and putting the lives of rescue teams and pilots at risk, you may capture clearer footage of a disaster site through the help of these pilots. Also, because of the small size of the drones, they can access areas that would be impossible for others to get to and give close-up views and high-quality shots.

With all of this said, a drone pilot’s experience is always a must. Whether it is for a dangerous situation, for entertainment, or a project that’s about to start, now is the right time to reach out to a drone pilot that is licensed and insured to give you the best service that will take you places. Whatever style of shoot you need, having someone who is skilled with high-quality equipment will deliver a final result you will be pleased with.